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MTB in Ventimiglia Val Roya and Val Nervia:

Mountain biking is a well-practised sport in Val Roya and Val Nervia. In the hinterland, right behind the town of Ventimiglia, several paths trails branch off the hills to mountains of over 2.000 metres. To describe every single path of these two valleys is impossible, because hillocks as the hills are cut by thousands of small roads and mule tracks. For this reason Below we will mention a few itineraries, i.e. various tracks circuits that from the seaside wind steeply up to the top of the hills and then go down to the coast. Paths are usually well clearly visible and forks are indicated by small wooden panels or with paint marks on the rocks, anyway we suggest you to get a detailed map of the area. The mild climate permits to cycle all year long, so most itineraries, high tops excluded, are practicable in every seasons. The variety of itineraries will certainly amuse both uphill and downhills enthusiasts fans, somewhat less so those of plain the flat, as there is not too much of it here. The climbs Uphills are often very steep and in few km is possible to rise high-altitude, but downhill lovers will be satisfied too at the moment of descending. Paths and tracks will bring you quickly to valley bottom. A negative note is the lack of fountains along the routes, so take always an extra water bottle for a particularly long route... Obviously, legs, bike and helmet are on you! ...

Itineraries in the Val Nervia and the Val Roya surroundings:

There are many interesting itineraries that wind even out off the Roya and Nervia Valleys, for example behind the centre of the town of Vallecrosia. The Val Crosia, going up towards Soldano and Perinaldo, show us wonderful itineraries both for interest and landscape's beauty. In Bordighera surroundings, on the hills around Vallebona, Sasso, Seborga and Monte Nero, we find other trails paths, like in Ospedaletti's area. The hinterland of San Remo is also interesting: San Romolo, Ceriana, Baiardo and the Valle Ar-gentina offer several possibilities and suggestive tracks. Starting from Arma di Taggia, through the vil-lages of Badalucco and Molini di Triora, all the way to the high valley, we can enjoy ourselves on the paths and mule tracks On the Italian side, routes. In neighbouring France the valleys of Tinée, of Bevera, of Loup, of Vésubie and the Var area are a real paradise for mountain bike enthusiasts.

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