Pasta e Basta

The "Pasta e Basta" restaurant: a window on the Mediterranean to enjoy the freshness of homemade pastas and desserts, in a welcoming and familiar environment.

In our restaurant the menu is based on pasta but not only! You can enjoy excellent salads and homemade desserts.
The restaurant is located on the promenade facing the sea and enjoys a splendid panoramic view

First courses

Pasta in all ways. Choose between the various types of pasta and then your artisanal sauce!
Diversified proposals according to the seasons and the typical products of the area.
Enjoy the pasta made to perfection!


Even though our restaurant specializes in first courses, don't forget to take the dessert!
Discover the small selection of delicious desserts that we have designed for you, prepared exclusively by our chef!

The wines

Equipped with a wine cellar, the restaurant offers a selection of doc wines from the Ligurian territory.

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